Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trying something new!

So . . . in an effort to join the new millenium and see what the buzz is all about, I have now learned to send and receive text messages, though admittedly not well enough to keep from finding it completely frustrating. I do love the technology, as far as it makes my life easier, but text messaging? How is that simpler making a quick phone call? Still, I have found that if I want to stay in touch with those younger than me, I better be willing to utilize the text messaging capabilty. Next, I think I will try blogging. I do think this will be a fun way to record my thoughts, and at least I get to use the whole keyboard to put my words down. So, here goes . . .

I am in working in San Diego this week. What a beautiful place. I got to my hotel and turned on the news just in time to catch a weather report. The expected temperature here tomorrow is 70 degrees! BEAUTIFUL! There is a cold front traveling though most of the country, storms and blizzards everywhere. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and put on my short sleeves and head to work, now that is something to be grateful for. Speaking of being gratful, I think I will use this little spot as a gratitude journal of sorts. I absolutely believe that a person is only as happy as he or she decides to be AND only as blessed as he or she chooses to notice. My goal is to choose to be more happy and grateful and to use this blog as a tool to help me accomplish this. Make it a GREAT DAY!