Sunday, March 29, 2009

Baptizing the boy

Last week was Tobias' birthday, and his baptism was scheduled for his birthday.  That was a week we had to go to QC, so we had a full weekend scheduled 'till the Bishop called and told us that the Stake baptism had been postponed for a week.  So I got to baptize him yesterday.

We woke up early, got breakfast and headed for the barber shop.  I sat Tobias in the barber chair and found another one myself.  (Lisa says that it wasn't me she was worried about, but why bother spending the time at the barber shop without making full use of it?)  We got home and jumped in the shower to make ourselves good smelling and to get rid of the last vestiges of loose hair.

The baptism was at 11:00am, so we had a leave the house goal of 10:00am.  That would get us to the church at 10:30 and we would have time to find baptism clothes for Tobias.  I made sure we packed extra underwear, towels and clothes since this was a getting wet occassion.  They didn't call him John the Sprinkler.  He performed baptism, which is a greek word for full immersion in water.   The girls got into their pretty dresses and we were on our way.

Tobias and Me Before changing into our white clothes

When we got to the church we were worried that we had he wrong place, because the place was empty.  Eric drove up a few minutes later in his fancy Mazda Miata.  We took some pictures of everyone in their nice clothes and set off to make some calls when the ward mission leader showed up.  He let us in and I ran inside to find something to baptize the boy in.  After rummaging through the entire closet I came out with a jumpsuit that looked too small.  It was smaller than it looked and Tobias couldn't even get it on his body.  

We found some pants which were only a little too small.  I gave Eric some money to go buy Tobias a white shirt, careful to tell him short sleeves, and what the neck size should be.  He came back with a white T-shirt!  By that time it was too late to change anything and the Bishop chimed in to say that was fine, as long as it was white.  Another boy named Seth was getting baptized the same day.  He had found a bigger jumpsuit the week before while we were in QC.  I guess it was the last one.

Tobias and Me in our white clothes AND before Eric showed up with the T-shirt.

Uncle Mike gave a nice talk on baptism.  He used a demonstration of putting food coloring in water to represent our misdeeds, and then miraculously cleaning it out with bleach, making it clear and beautiful again.

Lisa got everyone's attention with pots and pans.  She let the children pound on them to represent the noise that prevents us from hearing the still small voice of the Holy Ghost.  Let's just say the children got it.  She certainly never short on good ideas.

The Bishop sent Tobias and me into the water first.  By this time Tobias was about to jump out of his skin.  I know you're going to read this and think "no way!" but he was more excited about being baptized than about letting him steer the car, go to Disneyland or play a video game.  The water was just a bit cold, but Tobias didn't notice.  I said the ordinance and dunked him under.  He asked me if he could swim back to the steps, but I said no.  He floated a bit and scrambled up the steps.  

I tried to hustle him in to get changed, but Seth and his father were already walking into the water and he wanted to watch.  He was asking me excitedly whether or not he was all clean now.  I smiled and told him yes, and then Seth got baptized and he was all clean too.  Holding Tobias down was like bouncing a basketball at this point.  He was asking if he could get baptized everyday, or at least once a week.  I told him that was like taking the sacrament, but he asked if he could just get baptized instead of taking the sacrament.  I had to content him with telling him I would explain it later.

Tobias got baptized first so Seth got confirmed first.  (The first shall be last and the last shall be first?)  I feel a little guilty to confess that I don't remember anything about Seth's confirmation.  I'm sure it was beautiful, but I get the shakes thinking about performing a Priesthood ordinance, and I spent every available brain cycle to calm my nerves.  We invited Grandpa Boughan up and Martha's brothers and we all stood around.  My mind went blank.  I asked the bishop if I should call him by name.  He said yes, call him by his full name.  As soon as I said the name the rest of it flowed.  I felt comfortable and sure giving Tobias the gift of the Holy Ghost, and giving him a blessing afterwards.  I feel that God will honor my blessing, and I feel that Tobias will live up to it.

We got home and had a birthday party with the Sullivans, Grandma and Grandpa Boughan and Uncle Walter's family, making 24 people in all.  Lisa barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs.  we sang and fed everyone cake and ice cream.  We gave Tobias scriptures and a mission bank.  Aunt Laura embroidered his name on his canvas scripture case.  I remembered feeling like Tobias when I got baptized.  I didn't ever want to sin again.  Oh well.  You see how that worked out.  We'll just have to hope for better for Tobias!

Maybe Tobias wished to never sin again.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A new record!!!

Last night our family washed, rinsed, dried and put away the dishes in 4 mins 37 seconds. That, my friends, is a new family record. When we can get them completely done in that amount of time, it makes using the dishwasher completely inefficient - and not as much fun. We use a stop watch so we can get and accurate time.

Last nights predictions:

Serena - 5:01 (oooh, pretty close)
Dad - 6:37 (man, he thinks we're slow)
Tobias - 6:02 (better than dad!)
Mom - 4:30 (We have a winner!)
Talia - 3:57 (She wanted to break 4:00, we'll do it someday)
Carmen - 5:52 (a reasonable guess, if we weren't trying to set a record)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Once upon a time, not very long ago and right here in this town I was trying to do Kerry a favor and drive his children to school. I say “his” children because we weren’t married yet, in fact, I don’t even think we were engaged. It was a cold morning and the windows were covered with frost. Having limited visibility, because I started backing up way before the windows were clear enough to do so safely, I backed his van into a big rock and scraped the side below the sliding door up pretty badly. I felt awful, and a little nervous. This was new ground for Kerry and I and I was not sure how big this was going to be to him. When he finally got home that evening, I took him by the hand and walked outside and showed him what I had done - HE LAUGHED! Then he said, “Is this what has been bothering you all day? I am so relieved; I thought you were mad at ME!” Then he said, “that can be fixed” and walked inside and never mentioned it again AND never had it fixed. So all of this time when I walk by and see that scratch on the door, I think “I bet every time he sees that scratch he remembers that I was careless with his things.” Which is dumb, I know because he didn’t even feel that way when I first did it.

Well, early Friday morning I took the van and all the children and drove the three hours to our other house so they could be there for the hot part of the day and the children could swim. Kerry worked part of the day and then drove my car up to meet us that evening. He walked in and said, “Sweetheart, I have really bad news, I was in a hurry to get going and I scratched your car when I backed out.” I said, oh well, if it’s that bad we will pay the deductible and get it fixed. Then he started telling me how wonderful and forgiving I was. So I said, "geez Kerry, I put a nasty scratch in your van and you never even let it bother you and you expected me to be mad at a little scuff on the bumper of mine?" (By that time the children had gone out to check the car and came in saying they couldn’t find the scratch). Here’s the amazing part! Kerry’s response? “You scratched my van?” He really had forgotten! I reminded him about the entire event and he said “Oh ya, I remember that.”

Is that amazing or what? He had forgiven me so completely that he had actually forgotten what I had done. He walks by that scratch in the van every time he opens my door for me and completely forgot that I put it there! Kerry is amazing!

So of course that got me thinking, I had apologized and been told I was forgiven. Still, I spent the last year and a half walking by that scratch and feeling bad about what I had done. Kerry? He had truly completely forgotten about it. I was beating myself up (and even assuming he was doing the same thing) for something he had long forgotten. I think that is what happens sometimes when we repent. We take the proper steps to repent, the Lord forgives us, and even though the Lord has completely forgotten, “I the Lord will remember them no more,” we still think of ourselves as less worthy. Spiritually speaking, we walk by the scratch and knock ourselves down a little bit. Worse, we assume the Lord does too.

I am SO GRATEFUL for a forgiving husband who is such an example of Christ like love and forgiveness. And, of course for a Savior who is anxious to forgive the mistakes I make every day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring in the desert

Serena and I went on a field trip to the Sonoran Desert Museum last week. I am not always crazy about the desert, but the spring blossoms are so beautiful! We had a great time and even learned some fun things. I think I like field trips more now than when I was a kid.

Serena getting ready to go into the museum.

Desert Blooms

It is actually really beautiful here!