Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Turning 12, Girls Camp, and Talking!!

That is some serious chocolate cake!!

Talia turned 12 this month! Which means that at church she finally gets to quit going to Sharing time and start going to Young Women. In June, because her birthday was before the start of the school, year she also got to go to girls camp. Oh she was so excited to go to camp! After all, Carmen went to camp last year and came home sharing all the excitement so she has been primed for a whole year. The girls both had an amazing experience and I am SO GRATEFUL for all the leaders in our ward in stake who made sure they did. You are all amazing women and I love you for taking such wonderful care of my girls and helping them have a great time and most importantly build their testimonies of the Savior.

About 2 weeks after her birthday the bishop asked her to speak in church, I was sure she would be a little panicked, then when she told me that her assigned subject was "How Being in Young Women has blessed my life" I was really concerned, the child has only been in there for two weeks, what could she possibly say?" Well, I knew she had been working on her talk during the week and I meant to spend some time helping her, but I completely forgot until Saturday evening when she came to me and asked me if we could go over her talk. Panic once again ensued, how could I have forgotten about this. So I asked her to come in and read me what she has already. She brought her paper to me and this is an unedited copy of what she read

How YW has blessed my life

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Talia Thurber. I became an official member of this ward last month, and an official member of young women’s this month. Bishop Oaks asked me to talk about how being in Young Women’s has blessed my life, so I have limited experience to draw from, but I went to camp and who needs more experience than that?.)

There is no doubt that being in young women’s has strengthened my testimony and understanding of the gospel. Especially at Girls camp, which was as fun and silly as it could get while teaching us gospel principles. I have never felt so clean and so dirty at the same time.

One thing that stood out in my mind while preparing this talk was the tug-a-war battle between us and another ward. We were completely outnumbered. It looked as though our opponents never ended.

We were easily beaten over and over. Then the leaders had a turn. We cheered as they pulled their other wards leaders over the line that separated them. (We have such great young women leader in this ward.)

Sometimes the hardships we face are similar. It seems as though our problems go on forever and ever and we stand no chance. When we feel like this, we should talk to our parents, bishop, leaders, or even a close friend. They will always be happy to lift our burdens and show us how it’s done.

The most important person to talk to is Heavenly Father. He will always want to help us reach our goal, even if the rest of the world seems against us.

This was proven yet again when rain threatened to ruin Sister Welchmans’ evening program. In the opening prayer, a plea for this not to happen was included. It was already sprinkling, but we were still confident.(Some of the girls even did a “sun dance)

A few activities later, the rain still hadn’t come down! Even the sprinkling had stopped and the program was obviously saved.

I think we all silently thanked God at one point or another, and I know my testimony was strengthened.

Brothers and Sisters, it is a fact that our Heavenly Father loves us more than anyone on earth could ever know. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Needless to say I was stunned, proud and relieved. I said "it's perfect, don't change anything." She got up in church the next morning and stood up in front of the congregation and looked people in the eye and shared her thoughts, her dad and I were amazed and happy.